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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our live auction 195 dedicated to Antiques and Works of Art, a two-session special auction, enclosing a wide range of pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity.

Opening the second session of this auction, fifty of the most significant pieces of the private Collection of one of the most eclectic and prestigious Portuguese interior decorators who has recently left us. Among other items:

  • An Orientalist Scene with Boat and Figures, oil on canvas, French school, 19th C. (3rd quarter), signed JAPET and dated 1860 (Lot 506);
  • A Chinese Lady, painting on glass, Chinese school, George III gilt wood frame, 19th C. (Lot 510);
  • Resurrected Christ, oil on wood, Flemish school, 16th C. (Lot 526);
  • A Pair of Four-light Candelabra and a Set of Four Candlesticks, gilt silver, French, 19th C., Pierre Paraud maker’s mark (Lots 531 and 532);
  • Stretches of a Garden with Birds and Ruins, four oils on canvas, French school, 19th C. (Lots 539 and 540).

Note: The remaining items of his house, of predominantly decorative nature, will be put for sale, through two dedicated online auctions, to which refers, as follows:

  • Online Auction 1122 (310 lots) - starting: September 24, 2018, 12:00; ending: September 30, 2018, from 21h00;
  • Online Auction 1123 (250 lots) - starting: September 25, 2018, 12:00; ending: October 1, 2018, from 21:00.

Such pieces will be on open public exhibition, at the interior decorator’s house during the mentioned online auctions, at the address and schedule to be designated in from September 24, 2018.

Other highlights:


Several pieces illustrate eloquently the originality, aesthetics and cultural richness of Portuguese art commissioned in the time of the Portuguese Discoveries from Africa to the Far East – a crossover between Portuguese art and culture and the art and culture, beliefs, traditions, styles and craftsmanship of India, Ceylon, China or Japan to name just a few countries with which we closely related to since the 16th century.

  • An Eight-drawer Cabinet with Stand, teak, partly lined ebony and ivory friezes, Indo-Portuguese, 17th/18th C. (Lot 584);
  • Child Jesus, The Saviour of the World, ivory sculpture, Singhalese-Portuguese, 16th/17th C. (Lot 558);
  • A Bureau, fully tortoiseshell lined teak, ivory edges, Indo-Portuguese of Indian Mughal Empire influence, 17th C. (Lot 583).

Portuguese and foreign painting:

  • Portrait of Portuguese King D. Pedro IV/I Emperor of Brazil - 1798-1834, oil on canvas, Portuguese school, 19th C. (1st half) (Lot 149);
  • CARLOS BOTELHO - 1899-1982, Praia da Conceição (Conceição beach) - Cascais, oil on wood, signed and dated 1932 (Lot 170);
  • ALVES CARDOSO - 1883-1930, Ceifeira (Harvester), oil on canvas, signed and dated 1912 (Lot 171);
  • JOÃO VAZ - 1859-1931, A Marine, oil on wood, signed (Lot 174);
  • The Descending of the Cross, oil on wood, Flemish school, 16th C., (1st half) (Lot 259).

Silverware and jewelry

  • A Twenty and eight-bud Salver, mannerist, silver, Portuguese, 17th/18th C. (Lot 767);
  • Patek Philippe Lapel and Wrist Watches, gold (Lots 756 and 759); Cartier Wristwatch, white gold set with 252 diamonds (Lot 760).


  • DOMINGOS TENUTA - 18th C., A Cylinder Bureau, Brazilian rosewood, kingwood, satinwood, mahogany and boxwood marquetry, gilt engraved inscription on leather DOMINGOS TENUTA A FES NO PORTO ANNO DE 1783 (Lot 221);
  • A Side Table, King D. José I of Portugal (1750-1777), Brazilian rosewood, Portuguese (Brazil), 18th C. (Lot 40).


  • A Fan, pierced and carved ivory rods “Landscape with Oriental figures” with inscription VIVA O PRINCIPE REGENTE DE PORTUGAL, central reserves painted with portrait of D. João (VI), Prince Regent, Chinese, 18th/19th C. (Lot 5);
  • A Battle Scene, polychrome wool yarn tapestry, Flemish, 17th C. (lot 292);
  • DELFIM MAYA - 1886-1978, “Uma boa vara” and “Colhida de picador”, two scalloped iron sheet bullfight sculptures, one signed and dated 1935 (Lots 186 and 187).

Hoping to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon, with our best regards,


Pedro Maria de Alvim                                        Miguel Cabral de Moncada