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Informal valuation of items for auction – Free of charge*

The concerned parties should contact CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES and agree upon a specific date. Informal /unofficial valuation is given free of charge at the company’s premises, for a necessarily limited number of items; is to be presented in written, as a Business Proposal, with no obligation to proceed with the sale at auction.* (except wines).

What to do in case of not being able to bring the item to our premises

If the item is of difficult carrying or very fragile and according to our best judgment a conditional valuation may be given on the basis of a high-quality photograph, specifying the particular dimensions, any markings, signatures or other significant references. These valuations are also free of charge and do not entail any obligation to proceed with the sale at auction.

Local valuations

At the request of the person concerned and whenever understood necessary or convenient, CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES can arrange for its experts to visit your home or the location of the items for an unofficial valuation with the purpose of putting them up for auction. As in previous cases, such valuation is free of charge and does not entail any obligation to proceed with the sale at auction.

Formal valuation of items

Whenever the parties concerned require a written and signed official valuation for inheritance, insurance, auction placement, property inventory updates or any other purposes, CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES may also arrange for its experts to visit the customer’s home or the location of the items.

In this case, the date, terms and conditions attached to the above valuation should be laid down in advance being the costs of the valuation, exclusive of VAT, calculated using the following sliding scale (minimum cost: €100.00 + VAT):

up to € 50,000 – 2%
from € 50,001 to € 100,000 – 1.75%
from € 100,001 to € 500,000 – 1.5%
from € 500,001 to € 1,000,000 – 1.25%
from € 1,000,001 to € 1,500,000 – 1.00%
from € 1,500,001 to € 2,000,000 – 0.75%
over € 2,000,001 – 0.50%

Please note:

  1. Should a certain item, or authorship, though insusceptible of expertise by Cabral Moncada Leilões to be nevertheless susceptible of conditional appraisal, the indicated values are to be considered under reserve and necessarily indicative; in those cases, the correspondent fees will be reduced by 50% accordingly;
  2. The cost of the items official assessment subsequently put up for and sold at auction will be deducted from the amount owed to CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES by the owners.

Regardless of putting an item up for auction, CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES advises you: 

  • To guarantee the insurance of the concerned items, preferably through a reference company and broker specializing in art insurance;
  • In case the items are already insured, the insurance must be updated and subsequent revision of the particular prize;
  • The Hiscox / Villas-Boas ACP - Art Insurance (contact: José de Bragança,, 917077676), which insures all the items entrusted to it and with whom maintains a partnership for over ten years under which it will provide all the assistance that you might need.