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Founded in 1996 and located in the centre of Lisbon, CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES is a Portuguese company specialized in ANTIQUES AND WORKS OF ART and MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART, operating in two major areas - LIVE AND ONLINE AUCTIONS and VALUATIONS - and two complementary ones - EXPERT APPRAISALS and CONSULTANCY.

Its activity is subject to Decree-Law 155/2015, which establishes the legal framework regarding the auction activity and to the Business Conditions available in all its catalogues and at the website at

CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES holds the necessary authorization to operate (DGAE, 23.11.2015), under the HISCOX Civil Liability Insurance Policy 2503667. It is co-managed by partners Miguel Cabral de Moncada and Pedro Maria de Alvim.

In addition to its own auctions, CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES is able to organise large or small specific thematic auctions either on a one-off basis or every so often at the request of either individuals or corporate enterprises.

CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES also provides regular consultancy, valuation and expert appraisal services, particularly on antiques, furniture, paintings, sculpture and sacred art, Portuguese art, silver, jewellery, Oriental and European porcelain, faience, tapestries, bronze and metal ware, objects of art, books, manuscripts, book bindings, publications and engravings, etc., for inheritance, insurance, auction sales, property inventory updates purposes, etc.

The present CUSTOMER GUIDE is a short summary, merely for information, of the BUSINESS CONDITIONS in force (February 2018) (see and an explanation of the steps to follow in order to sell or to buy in our auctions –a comprehensive FAQ section.

Preliminary remark: all auctions – live or online – operated by CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES are subject to the BUSINESS CONDITIONS in force; CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES online auctions and online bidding at CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES live auctions are subject furthermore to the specific adaptations and modifications as provided in the mentioned BUSINESS CONDITIONS.

Partners - Executive Directors
Miguel de Barros Serra Cabral de Moncada - Jur.
Pedro Maria de Saldanha e Sousa Mello e Alvim - Jur.

General Assessory
Filipe Costa

Reception and Customer Support - Rua Miguel Lupi 12 D
Carlos Correia de Carvalho/Luísa Perry Vidal/Marilene Parreira

Treasury – buyers + Packing and Shipping Service - Rua Miguel Lupi 12 A
Rosário Azevedo/Clara Ferraz/Pedro Mendes/Helena Bairrão Oleiro

Treasury – sellers and suppliers - Rua Miguel Lupi 12 4º Dto
Dulce Quaresma/Joana Loureiro

Phone Bidding
Susana Isidro

Exhibition and Decoration 
Carlos Correia de Carvalho

Live auctions - Rua Miguel Lupi 12 D
Coordination - Mariana Soares Mendes
Design - Mariana Flório
Photography - Vasco Cunha Monteiro
Translation - Paulo Fernandes

Online auctions - Rua Miguel Lupi 12 A
Management and Coordination - Luís Costa Brandão
General Assessory - Leonor de Alvim
Photography - Luís Sousa

Catalogs / Technical Collaboration 
Catarina Sampaio Soares/Maria Luísa de Lucena
Susana Isidro/Isabel Mónica/Inês Branco/Luísa Perry Vidal
Luísa Castelo Branco (trainee)

Oriental Art - Artur Ângelo
Books and Manuscripts - Pedro de Azevedo
Portuguese Painting - Gabriel Laranjeira Lopes
Silver and Jewelry - Henrique Correia Braga/Sofia Ruival Ferreira
Clocks - Cte. Luís Couto Soares

Decorative Arts
Rui Aurélio

Computer Systems Management
Procoordena - Sistemas de Informação, Lda.

Informatic and Website 
ACL - Serviços de Informática, Lda.

Logistics and Warehouse
Transportes Jerónimos, Lda.
Elizabete Pereira

Catalog Production
SCRIBE - Produções Culturais, Lda. 
Prepress and Printing