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We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our live auction 216, dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art, Antiques and Ancient Books: a special, single-session auction, covering a wide range of pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity.

Some highlights:

Painting and Sculpture  

  • HELENA ALMEIDA - 1934-2018, “Seduzir”, diptych - two black and white photographs, signed and dated 2001, Dim. 69 x 100 cm (each) (Lot 176);
  • JÚLIO POMAR - 1926-2018, “Étreinte”, collage and acrylic painting on canvas, signed and dated 1976, Dim. 50 x 73 cm (Lot 177);
  • JÚLIO RESENDE - 1917-2011, Untitled (Female figure), oil on canvas, signed and dated 2003, dedicated on the back, Dim. 172 x 114 cm (Lot 178);
  • JORGE VIEIRA - 1922-1998, Untitled (Angel and female figure holding a palette), polychrome plaster sculpture panel integrated into wooden frame, unsigned, 40's/50's - (Lot 179);
  • JOÃO PENALVA - Born 1949, “Cafeteira”, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1986 on the back, Dim. 117 x 76 cm (Lot 223);
  • JOSÉ DE GUIMARÃES - Born 1939, Untitled, acrylic on paper, signed and dated 1993, Dim. 75 x 56,5 cm (Lot 225);
  • VASCO PEREIRA LUSITANO - 1535-1609, Saint Dominic, oil on oak wood, signed, Dim. 71,5 x 51,5 cm (Lot 97);
  • DOMINGOS SEQUEIRA - 1768-1837, “Moeda de César”, oil on canvas, unsigned, Dim. 72 x 94 cm (Lot 102);
  • SILVA PORTO - 1850-1893, Landscape with oaks, oil on canvas, unsigned, back with stamp of the 1893 Auction, Dim. 55,5 x 42 cm (Lot 68);
  • JOÃO VAZ - 1859-1931, “Pedra furada, Setúbal”, oil on canvas, signed, Dim. 58 x 87 cm (Lot 100);
  • HENRIQUE POUSÃO - 1859-1884, “Casas rústicas de Odemira”, oil on canvas, signed, Dim. 27 x 18 cm (Lot 103);
  • CARLOS REIS - 1863-1940, Domestic scene - Man sitting by the fireplace, signed, France, Dim. 150 x 120 cm (Lot 101);
  • FALCÃO TRIGOSO - 1879-1956, “Luz da mina”, oil on canvas, signed, Dim. 100 x 122 cm (Lot 107);
  • AMADEO DE SOUZA-CARDOSO - 1887-1918, “Pont - L'Abbé”, watercolour on paper, signed and dated 1907, dedicated, Dim. 18 x 24 cm (Lot 104);


Indo-Portuguese Art

  • Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception on clouds with serpent and cherubs, ivory sculpture, 18th C. (3rd quarter) (Lot 166);

Namban Art

  • A Chest, full black lacquer coating with mother-of-pearl inlays and gilt decoration “Cartouches with plant motifs, mons (Japanese heraldic symbols) and floral motifs”, Nipo-Portuguese - Momoyama period (1573-1615) (Lot 170);

Sino-Portuguese Art (or Hispano-Philippine) 

  • Our Lady with the Child Jesus, Indo-Portuguese or Spanish colonial, ivory sculpture, 16th/17th C. (Lot 164);

Hispano-Philippine Art

  • Angel, ivory sculpture, 18th C. (Lot 162);

Chinese export porcelain

Base and basket for lemons “Putti supporting bowl”, bowl with pierced rim, polychrome decoration with the coat of arms of Joaquim Inácio da Cruz Sobral - 4th service (5 garlands), Qianlong period (1736-1795) (Lot 55);

  • An Octagonal Platter, polychrome decoration «Pseudo-Tobacco Leaf», Qianlong period (1736-1795) (Lot 244);


Rare Books – Lots 180 to 219

  • GOYA Y LUCIENTES, Francisco de.- Los proverbios: coleccion de diez y ocho laminas inventadas y grabadas al agua fuerte / por Don Francisco Goya.- Madrid: Publicala la Rl. [Real] Academia Nobles Artes de San Fernando, 1864 (Lot 219);
  • SABELLICUS, Marcus Antonius Cocceius.- CORONICA | geral da eneyda segü | da de Marco Antonio Cocio | Sabellico  des ho começo | do mundo ate nosso | tempo. | Tresladada de latim em lingoagë Portu- | gues por Dona Lianor filha do Marques | de Vila real Dom Fernando (Lot 218);
  • HYGINUS, Gaius Julius.- [Poeticon Astronomicon] Higinius de Stellis.- Papiae: Impressum: arte & industria Iacob Paucidrapësis de Burgofrãco, 1513 (Lot 216);

Silverware and Jewellery – Lots 263 to 304

  • Rigid bracelet, gold and silver, set with rose cut diamonds, 2 antique brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.32 ct. antique brilliant cut centrepiece with the approximate weight of 4.50 ct., colour grade Light Fancy Yellow and purity VS2, French, 19th C. (Lot 269);
  • Necklace and pair of earrings, 585/1000 and 750/1000 two-tone gold, decorated with polychrome enamels and set with citrines, chalcedony, emeralds, tourmalines, sapphires, topazes, mother-of-pearl, Mediterranean coral and 56 diamonds, Italian, 21st C. (Lot 271);
  • A pair of earrings, silver and gold, set with chrysolites (chrysoberyls), Portuguese, 19th C. (Lot 265);
  • A ceiling lamp, silver, Brazilian, 18th C. (Lot 280);
  • A cerimonial salver, pierced decoration en relief “Vine leraves and bunches of grapes”, mark of the house of ODIOT (1825-1894), French, 19th C. (Lot 295);
  • Silver cutlery for eighteen people, Romantic, Portuguese, 19th C. (Lot 304);


  • A twelve-drawer cabinet simulating sixteen with stand, Brazilian rosewood, Portuguese, 17th C. (2nd half) (Lot 39);
  • A thirty-light chandelier, gilt bronze structure en relief, Swarovski crystal glasses and pendants, Portuguese, 20th C. (Lot 118);
  • Deer hunting, bronze sculpture, signed P. J. MENE - probably Pierre Jules Mène (1810-1879) (Lot 94);
  • Faience - a set of pieces, including several from the former Francisco Hipólito Raposo Collection – Lots 10 to 33;
  • A table clock “Pendulum Lyre”, Louis XVI (1774-1791), marble, bronze mounts “Garlands of flowers”, marked BARANCOURT – PARIS, French (Lot 108).

Hoping to have the pleasure of receiving you soon, in person or virtually, in the exhibition of this auction with our best wishes,


Pedro Maria de Alvim                                             Miguel Cabral de Moncada