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We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our live auction 210, dedicated to Antiques and Works of Art / Modern and Contemporary Art, a single session special auction, covering a wide range of pieces of particular antiquity, rarity and quality.  

Attention please: our live auction 210, to be held on Monday, the 19th of April, is to begin at 6 pm.

Some highlights 

Chinese export porcelain

  • A Pitcher, blue decoration, Chongzhen period (1628-1644) illustrates the cover (lot 336)
  • A large Plate, blue decoration "European figures playing musical instruments", Kangxi period (1662-1722) (lot 338)
  • Several pieces with polychrome and gilt «tobacco leaf» and «pseudo- tobacco leaf» decoration, Qianlong period (1736-1795) (lots 118, 119, 122, 123; 69, 120, 121, 124)


  • An Ewer and basin, D. José I, King of Portugal (1750-1777), silver, Portuguese (lot 361)
  • A deep Salver, silver, Portuguese, 17th C. / 18th C, Manuel do Couto de Azevedo assay mark, António Vieira Aranha maker's mark (lot 374)
  • A tripod Coffee Pot, silver, Italian, 18th C. (lot 363)
  • A ceremonial Salver, silver, French, 19th C., warranty mark (1838-1961), ODIOT maker's mark (1825-1894) (lot 74)


  • Indo-Portuguese Art
    • A coverlet (or drape cloth), cotton embroidered with silk, probably from Khambhat/Cambay), 17th C. (1st quarter) (lot 234)
    • A drawer, teak, ebony and sissoo, 17th C. / 18th C (lot 233)
    • Our Lady of the Assumption, ivory sculpture, 17th C. / 18th C (lot 223)

•    Sino-Portuguese Art

  • St. John the Baptist, carved ivory plaque, 17th C. (lot 218)
  • Namban Art
    • A two-door cabinet, wood fully coated with black lacquer and gold decoration, early Edo period (1615-1868), 17th C. (2nd quarter) (lot 230)

Painting and Sculpture - European School / Foreign Authors

  • The Circumcision of the Child Jesus, oak group of sculptures, Malines, 15th C. / 16th C. (lot 151)
  • Portrait of Lady Elisabeth Steward 1652-1742, oil on canvas, English school, 18th C. (lot 259)
  • LUIGI MANINI 1848-1936 - Palace Hotel “Portas de Coimbra” - Buçaco - (1) Perspective view of the two main fronts; (2) northwest side facade; (3) north-east side facade; (4) south-east side facade, four watercolours on paper, dim. 85 x 59 (lot 215)
  • Macau - Macau - View of Saint Francis Church and Convent, oil on cardboard, attributable to Auguste Borget 1808-1877 (lot 194)
  • Funchal - Ribeira de Santa Luzia, watercolour on cardboard, signed E. Hildebrandt (probably Eduard Hildebrandt 1818-1868) and dated 20.12.1849 (lot 195)

Painting - Portuguese Authors

  • MÁXIMO PAULINO DOS REYS 1781-1866 - Portrait of King D. Miguel I (1802-1866) of Portugal, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1830 (lot 192)
  • AMADEO DE SOUZA-CARDOSO 1887-1918 - “XX Dessins, Paris, 1912, 20 prints, copy number 18 of the very special edition of 30, from the original edition promoted by the Author, with his autograph, dated 1913; the album is accompanied by: an original drawing by Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, dated 1905, with the colourful caricature of Lydia Cabeça; b) an original letter from Lúcia Souza-Cardoso, widow of the Author, with the respective envelope, referring to the drawing in question (lot 206)
  • DÓRDIO GOMES 1890-1976 - Landscape, oil on cardboard, signed and dated 1930 (lot 203)
  • JOÃO HOGAN 1914-1989 - Untitled, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1959 (lot 209)
  • MANUEL CARGALEIRO N. 1927 - Untitled, mixed technique on paper pasted on chipboard, signed and dated 1978 (lot 73)


  • A chest on stand, exotic wood fully coated with black lacquer and gilt decoration, Chinese, 18th C. (lot 255)
  • A set of pieces stamped FUNDAÇÃO R.E.S.S. (Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva), all numbered and dated (lots 173 a 182)


  • FERREIRA, CRISTÓVÃO, S.J. (1580- ca. 1652)].- Narratio persecvtionis adversvs Christiano…, 1st Latin edition (lot 237)
  • A pair of Grand Tour vases, Medici model, on columns, marble, Italian 19th C. (lot 59)
  • A TIFFANY & Cº table clock, gilt bronze, polychrome and gilt decoration cloisonné enamel (lot 355)
  • An olifant, carved ivory tusk “European figure with hat, Africa, 20th C. (1st half) (lot 249)
  • A Plate, tinted mother of pearl plaques with gilt brass pins, Mughal Empire, India, 16th/17th C (lot 244)
  • Figures with oscillating head, a pair of polychrome mass sculptures, wooden arms, cloth robes, Qing period (1644-1911), 19th C. (lot 344)
  • Topographic Map of the City of Oporto, 1:500 scale, dated 1892, dim. 135 x 254 cm (lot 211)

BIDDING: we take this opportunity to remind you that, in addition to the traditional bidding options – in person (observing the restrictions, namely safe distance, still in force), via commission form or phone bidsyou may bid online, during the sale, through our dedicated website

Through the mentioned platform – where previous registration is needed, even if you are already registered in our online auctions – it is now possible for you to follow this live auction and to bid online, without any cost increase compared to traditional ways.

Looking forward to receive your visit soon, virtually or in person, with our best wishes,

Pedro Maria de Alvim         Miguel Cabral de Moncada