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Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the catalogue of our auction 144. A special auction, covering, as usual, a large number of items of special quality, rarity and antiquity.

Among many other noteworthy pieces, a reference to the early 16th century gilt silver ostentation salver, which illustrates the cover (lot 258) is inevitable.

To this work of art – which was not publicly known until now – and to its importance, particularly for the study of the workshops of the 15th/16th century Portuguese goldsmiths, refers the expert Nuno Vassalo e Silva, in the study that he specifically dedicates to in this catalogue, somehow continuing his research work made known with the very recent publication of his book “Ourivesaria Portuguesa de Aparato - Séc. XV/XVI”, Scribe, Lisbon, November de 2012.

A special reference is also due to the set of rare books that we have the privilege to present (lots 386-410); among the Portuguese authors: “Peregrinação”, by Fernão Mendes Pinto (lot 399), “Os Lusíadas”, by Luís de Camões (lot 392), “Livro de Álgebra”, by Pedro Nunes (lot 393); among the foreigners, “Theatrvm orbis terrarvm”, by Abraham Ortelius (lot 397); “Rerum per octennium in Brasilia…”, by Kasper van Baerle (lot 394), “Istoria delle guerre del regno del brasile”, by Frei João José de Santa Teresa (lot 396) - only a few of the relevant titles and authors.

Among several other exceptional pieces, of national and international interest, we must emphasize, once again, the ones we generically refer as Arte Lusíada.

Portuguese command art pieces from the time of the Discoveries, from Africa to the Far East - the meeting and crossing of Portuguese Art and culture with art and culture, beliefs, traditions, styles and techniques of India (Indo-Portuguese art), Ceylon (Cingalo-Portuguese), China (Sino-Portuguese) or Japan (Namban Art) - to name only some of the countries with which we connect more closely since the 16th century.

Some examples: "St. Mary Magdalene", sculpted ivory plaque, Indo-Portuguese, 17th C. (lot 454) and “Divine Pilot”, sculpted ivory plaque, Sino-Portuguese, 17th C. (lot 463).

It is significant the offer of Chinese export porcelain (Lot 301 to 363 and 498 to 539) exemple of which is a pair of large pots with covers, Qianlong reign (lot 325).

A reference, finally, to the core of silverware and jewelry, Portuguese and foreigner that, as usual, integrates the auction, and of which should be highlighted, among several other noteworthy pieces, the silver Basin, D. João V King of Portugal (lot 262) and a silver and gold brooch set with 818 diamonds (lot 211).

Hoping to have the pleasure of receiving you soon, we take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Christmas!

Pedro Maria de Alvim                                                               Miguel Cabral de Moncada