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It is with particular satisfaction that we present the catalog of our Auction 130, with which we opened the second half of the season of auctions 2011.

A special auction with several exceptional pieces whose quality and interest, nationally and internationally, is intended to reflect on the chosen cover – a Indo-Portuguese coffer, widely referenced, coated mother of pearl plaques with applications in gilt silver, Gujarat, branch of Mughal influence, 16th/17th Century  (Lot 504).

Truly remarkable, not only for its imposing dimensions, is the "Our Lady of Conception in a long cloak based on Orb with Cherubs", sculpture in ivory with gold and polychromie, Hispano-Philippine 17th Century (Lot 478).

Noteworthy is also the Indo-Portuguese coffer in tortoise shell with applications in engraved and relief silver "Salamander, rabbits, snakes, various animals, fantastic animals and plant motifs", 16th/17th Century (Lot 508).

If it is impossible to highlight all the pieces that deserve emphasis in this introductory text - but do not dispense the reading of the catalog and a visit to the exhibition – also reference worthy, among many others:

The pair of “Terrestrial” and “Celestial” globes, English, the first quarter of the 19thCentury, JOHN CARY- 1754-1835 and WILLIAM CARY - 1760-1825 (Lot 317).

The two rococo mirrors in carved and gilt wood with hollow, Europe, 18th century (Lot 464 and 465).

The pair of side tables forming a center table, D. José (1750-1777) King of Portugal, in Brazilian rosewood with carvings, Portuguese, 18th Century (Lot 54).

The cruet D. João V King of Portugal in Portuguese silver with Manuel Roque Ferrão makers mark (1720-1770) (Lot 158).

The painting on silk, probably aimed at a fan that was never built, designed by the King D. Carlos de Bragança, till, with the original frame (Lot 256).

Hoping to have the pleasure of receiving you in this veritable temporary museum,
Yours sincerely,

Pedro Maria de Alvim           Miguel Cabral de Moncada