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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our live auction 205 dedicated to Antiques and Works of Art / Modern and Contemporary Art, a single session special auction, enclosing a wide range of pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity, including Haute-Décoration items.


  • An Indo-Portuguese Mughal influence branch cabinet with stand, legs with six large sissoo sculptures with ivory faces “Bearded male figures with petticoat” and inlays, 17th C. (first-half) illustrates the cover (lot 187).

Painting – European school / Foreign Authors


  • Jesus by the well with the Samaritan woman, oil on canvas, Italian school, 17th C. (2nd half) signed with initials L G F(ecit) attributable to Luca Giordano (1634-1705) (lot 219);
  • Landscape with deer hunting, a pair, oil on canvas, Italian school, 17th C., attributable to Philipp Peter Roos, aka Rosa de Tivoli (c. 1655-1706) (lot 257);
  • Figures next to a classic colonnade, two paintings, oil on canvas, Italian school, 18th C. (lot 266 and 267);


Painting – Portuguese school / Portuguese Authors


  • Portrait of D. João Manoel - c. 1570-1633 – Bishop of Viseu and Coimbra, Count of Arganil, Archbishop of Lisbon, Viceroy of Portugal,

oil on canvas, Portuguese school, 18th C. (lot 78);

  • Portrait of D. Afonso Furtado de Mendonça - c. 1561-1630 – Rector of the University of Coimbra (1597), Bishop of Guarda and Coimbra, Count of Arganil, Archbishop of Braga and Lisbon, oil on canvas, Portuguese school, 18th C. (lot 79);
  • ANDRÉ MONTEIRO DA CRUZ - 1770-1851, Figures and cattle with city and sea, oil on canvas, signed (lot 82);
  • ANTÓNIO CARNEIRO - 1872-1930, Beach view with figure, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1910 (lot 88);
  • JÚLIO RESENDE - 1917-2011, Untitled, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1965 (lot 130);
  • MANUEL CARGALEIRO - NASC. 1927, “Grande festa na cidade imaginária”, tapestry, Manufactura de Tapeçarias de Portalegre, signed and dated 1991, numbered 2/6, registration nº 2227 (lot 161);
  • MALUDA - 1934-1999, “Lisboa XXVI”, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1983 (lot 144);
  • DANIEL BLAUFUKS - Born 1963, Untitled (“The London Diaries” series), photograph on paper, 1994, 3+1 edition (lot 157);
  • MANUEL CAEIRO - Born 1975, “Cleaning the atic”, acrylic on canvas, signed and dated 2019 (lot 147);



  • A large set of faience items, the majority Portuguese, 17th C./18th C., including part of Dr. Guilherme Moreira’s Collection (lot 41 to 77);




  • A pear-shaped Bottle, blue decoration “Landscape with female figure holding flowers, male hunting figure, castle and animals”, Portuguese, 17th C. (first-half) (lot 52);
  • TOMÁS BRUNETTO (DIR. 1767-1771), A Fish Bowl, Real Fábrica de Louça ao Rato faience, polychrome decoration “Flowers and shell motifs” and “Grotesque mask” en relief, vinous sides with the coat of arms of the Braganza family, surmounted by count coronet - D. Sancho de Faro e Sousa (1735-1790), 4th Count of Vimieiro - interior with polychrome decoration "Fishes", Portuguese (lot 72);


Silver and Jewellery

  • A Pair of Earrings, 500/1000 platinum, set with 2 brilliant cut diamonds with an approximate weight of 0.30 ct. and 2 brilliant cut ones with an approximate weight of 4 ct. O~P colour grade and VVS purity, Portuguese, 20th. C. (lot 229);
  • A Bracelet, 500/1000 platinum and 800/1000 gold, set with 169 diamonds with an approximate total weight of 20 ct., Portuguese, 20th. C (lot 310);
  • A silver wavy Tureen with Stand, D. José I, King of Portugal (1750-1777), Portuguese (lot 315);

Furniture and Haute-Décoration

  • A set of 12 Chairs, D. José I, King of Portugal (1750-1777), Brazilian rosewood with carvings, Portuguese (lot 200);
  • A set of 6 Fauteuils, D. João V, King of Portugal (1706-1750)/D. José (1750-1777), Brazilian rosewood with mouldings, embossed leather seats and back with studs, Portuguese (lot 24);




  • A large Arraiolos carpet, woollen yarn, Portuguese, 18th C. (lot 129);
  • Several sets of European, African and Far-East Chess games, Chess pieces and chessboards - lots 112 to 119;

Bidding: we take this opportunity to inform you that, in addition to the traditional bidding options - in person (observing the restrictions, namely safe distance, still in force), via commission form or phone bids - you may now bid online, during the sale, through the plataform




with whom Cabral Moncada Leilões has established a partnership for that purpose.

Through the mentioned platform – where previous registration is needed, even if you are already registered in our online auctions – it is now possible for you to follow this live auction and to bid online, without any cost increase compared to traditional ways.


Hoping to have the pleasure of receiving you soon, with our best wishes,


Pedro Maria de Alvim                                Miguel Cabral de Moncada