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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our live auction 204 dedicated to Antiques and Works of Art / Modern and Contemporary Art, a two-session special auction, enclosing a wide range of pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity, including a large set of Jewellery, Painting, Furniture and Haute-Décoration items.

A Brooch, Art Deco style, gold and platin, carved with 21 natural sapphires, 36 baguette cut diamonds, 78 colourless brilliant cut diamonds and 22 fancy yellow colour diamonds illustrates the cover (lot 566).

A Lisbon Cut diamond – a very rare cut, allegedly used in Lisbon, in the 18th C. – which ads 8 facets more to the 33 facets of the common brilliant cut – justifies a particular reference: up today, only two diamonds with this cut are known: this one, presented carved in a later ring, and the other, well known, decorating the famous snuff box commissioned in 1755 by King D. José I of Portugal that includes the collection of the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda (lot 574).

A reference is also due to the Pair of Earrings in gold and platin carved with diamonds (lot 600).

Other highlights:


  • An Indo-Portuguese hinged-door Oratory with a crucified Christ, an ivory sculpture, with feet aside, 16th C. / 17th (lot 495);


  • Jesus by the well with the Samaritan woman, oil on canvas, Italian school, 17th C. (2nd half) signed with initials L G F(ecit) attributable to Luca Giordano (1634-1705) (lot 202);
  • Judith and Holofernes, oil on canvas, French school, 17th C. / 18th C. (lot 58);
  • Hounds and a mule charged with game, oil on canvas, Flemish school, 17th C., label attributing to Jurian Jacobs (possibly Juriaen Jacobsen - 1656-1660) (lot 463);
  • Portrait of a Lady as Godess Diana and Cupid, oil on canvas, French school, 17th C. / 18th C. (lot 462);
  • View of Rome, oil on wood, Spanish school, 19th. C., signed A. ANDRADE (probably Angel Andrade Blasquez - 1866-1932), dedicated and dated 1898 (Lot 469);
  • Moises telling the Israelites to collect the Manna, oil on canvas, Portuguese school, 17th C. (lot 55);
  • SILVA PORTO - 1850-1893, Village View with Figure, oil on wood, signed (lot 89);
  • LUÍS TOMASINI - 1823-1902, Boats on the Tagus, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1884 (lot 120);
  • DÓRDIO GOMES - 1890-1976, “Alentejo”, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1929 (lot 80);
  • JÚLIO POMAR - 1926-2018, Untitled, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1975 (lot 213);
    • “Casa de Colares”, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1987 (lot 207);
    • Untitled, gouache on paper, signed and dated 1968 (lot 124);
  • FRANCIS SMITH - 1881-1961, Untitled, gouache on paper, signed and dated 1929 (lot 208).

Chinese Porcelain

  • A Qianlong (1662-1722) Chinese export Scalloped Platter, polychrome and gilt decoration known as “The little Princess”, rim with blue decoration “Flowers” (lots 99 to 101);
  • A Qianlong (1662-1722) Chinese export Tureen with stand, boar’s heads handles, polychromatic decoration with the coat-of-arms of Sebastião da Gama Lobo (lot 113);
  • A 19th C. (1st half) Pair of Pots with Cover polychrome decoration “Flowers” on salmon background, relief covers' finials “Foo dogs” (lot 408);


Furniture and Haute Decoration

  • A Louis XVI style set of Settee and Eight Fauteuils «À la reine», French, 19th C. (1st half) (lot 443);
  • A D. João V (1706-1750) King of Portugal pair of commodes, in the French manner, carved Brazilian rosewood, Portuguese, 18th. C. (lot 30);
  • Several pieces of Furniture and Haute-Décoration stamped/marked FUNDAÇÃO RICARDO ESPÍRITO SANTO SILVA (lot 135 to 151).


  • A Mythological Scene, tapestry, polychrome wool yarn, Flemish, s17th. C. (lot 444);
  • Putto and duck, sculpture, white marble, burgundy marble base with gilt bronze relief applications, French school, 19th. C., signed HENRY DASSON (probably Henry Dasson - 1825-1896) (lot 153);
  • LUIZ FERREIRA - 1909-1994, Roosters, a pair of ostrich egg sculptures with silver and coral applications (lot 671);
  • Guéridon “Dolphin”, black marble top, Italian, 19th. C., marked H. Bosi - Florence (possibly Enrico Bosi - 1850-1865) (lot 442);
  • A Saddle coverlet, embroidered red velvet, centre with the coat of arms of the Figueiredo Portuguese family, Portuguese, 18th. C. (lot 9); A Saddle (lot 10).

We take this opportunity to remind you that, in addition to the traditional bidding options - in person, via commission form or telephone bidding - you may now bid online through the following international platforms:;

Hoping to have the pleasure of receiving you soon, with our best wishes,


Pedro Maria de Alvim                                Miguel Cabral de Moncada