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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our live auction 201 dedicated to Antiques and Works of Art: a two-session special auction, enclosing a wide range of pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity, including Haute-Décoration items.

A. French 19th C. sixteen-light and 48 tulips crystal chandelier illustrates the cover (lot 128).


  • MARTINHO ANTÓNIO DE SOUSA - 18th C., Steps of the Passion of Christ, a set of 15 altarpieces with polychrome and gilt terracotta sculptures, Portuguese, five of them signed, numbered and dated on the back from Oporto, 1785 (lot 200);
  • A NATIVITY SCENE D. José I, King of Portugal (1750-1777) /D. Maria I, Queen of Portugal (1777-1816), painted, gilt and carved wood large display cabinet, interior with polychrome and gilt terracotta sculptures, Portuguese, 18th C. (4th quarter), attributable to Martinho António de Sousa– 18th C. (Lot 201);

    Provenance of the two lots above: The Family of the Viscounts of Moimenta da Beira, Beira Alta Province, since their production, in 1785. The set may have included three altapieces more in the past; and another, and much smaller, Nativity Scene, which is currently in the Museum of the Viseu Cathedral.



    Several pieces illustrate eloquently the originality, aesthetics and cultural richness of Portuguese art commissioned in the time of the Portuguese Discoveries from Africa to the Far East – a crossover between Portuguese art and culture and the art and culture, beliefs, traditions, styles and craftsmanship of India, Ceylon, China or Japan to name just a few countries with which we closely related to since the 16th century.

    • A 14 drawer Namban Art Cabinet, fully coated with black lacquer wood with mother-of-pearl inlays and gilt decoration “Flowers”, “Squirrels”, “Birds” and “Peacock” among foliage" Nippo-Portuguese - Momoyama period (1573-1615) (lot 559);
    • An Indo- Portuguese narrow Chest, the front simulating two drawers, teak, partially ebony lined, 17th C., later stand (lot 566);
    • An Indo-Portuguese Our Lady with The Child Jesus, polychrome wood sculpture, 17th C., 1st half) (lot 558);


    Portuguese and foreign painting

    • THE BANQUET – oil on canvas, European school, 16th/17th C. (lot 520);
    • THE MIRACLE OF SAINT ANTHONY - oil on canvas, Iberian school, 17th C (lot 588);
    • BENTO COELHO DA SILVEIRA - 1620-1708 – “The Child Jesus among the Doctors”, oil on canvas, unsigned (lot 165);
    • JOÃO PEDROSO 1825-1890, A Marine, oil on canvas, signed (lot 73);
    • JOSÉ MALHOA - 1855-1933, O Preto Caiador / “Duque das Cidades de África” (?), oil on canvas, signed (lot 164); Portraits of Alberto Rego e Mrs. Alberto Rego, pastels on paper, both signed, (lots 154 e 155);
    • COLUMBANO BORDALO PINHEIRO - 1857-1929, Lady and baby, aquarelle on paper, signed and dated 1903 (lot 169);
    • SIMÃO DA VEIGA - 1879-1963, Campino on horseback and Campino attacked by a bull, oil on canvas, both signed (lots161 e 162);
    • CARLOS BOTELHO - 1899-1982, Costa do Castelo, oil on canvas, signed, handwritten sticker pasted on the back identifying and dating the work from 1966 (lot 170);
    • MANUEL CARGALEIRO - NASC. 1927, Untitled, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1966 on the back (lot 171);


    Silverware and jewelry

    • LUIZ FERREIRA - 1909-1994 – A large silver Flower Pot ”Swan”, Portuguese, 20th C. (lot 680);
    •  A Tiffany’s (part of a) silver tableware for twelve people, engraved decoration “Laurel garlands”, consisting of chargers, dessert dishes, bread dishes and finger bowls, American, 20th. C. (mid); (lot 674);


    Chinese Porcelain and Oriental Art

    • A Qianlong period (1736-1795) Chinese export porcelain pair of scalloped oval tureens with stands - (lot 145);
    • A Minguo period (1912-1949) Chinese Four-Leaf Screen, carved tamarind, porcelain plaques, polychrome decoration “Chinese Landscapes with figures”, porcelain plaques of the 50s (lot 430);
    • An Anglo-Indian Throne, fully coated teak and gilt metal sheet en relief. 19th C. (lot 437);


    • A 16th C.(1st quarter) European, possibly Italian, Skull and Neck-Guard of a Close Helmet, iron, brass feather holder “Grotesque mask”, three «neck-guard» blades (lot 235);
    • A Portuguese City Guard Horse Band Helmet (circa 1887), nickel-plated metal, brass, horse mane and wood, front GM crowned monogram (lot 225);
    • Several table and long-case clocks (lot 117 to 124);
    • Several Winding Musical Automaton, dolls and toys, French, 19th. C (lot 543 to 546);


    Hoping to have the pleasure of receiving you soon, with our best wishes

    Pedro Maria de Alvim                    Miguel Cabral de Moncada