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euro_symbol€ 4,500 - 6,750 Base - Estimate

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Luz da liberal e nobre arte de cavallaria
ANDRADE, Manuel Carlos de.- Luz da liberal e nobre arte de cavallaria.- Lisboa: na Regia Officina Typografica, 1790.- XXVI, 454, [1, 1 br.] p.: 93 gravuras, 1 retrato; 35 cm.- E. Complete copy (includes the rare final leaf of errata) and with good margins, one of the most beautiful books printed in Portugal in the 18th century, and surely one of the most sought after. Inocêncio states that some intended to attribute the work to the Marquis of Marialva, but this was not confirmed up today. The 93 engravings, of which 22 leaflets, represent above all attitudes of the horse in teaching and are opened in copper plate by several engravers, especially Luís Fróis, but also Manuel Alegre, Luís Fernandez Piedra and others, according to the originals by Joaquim Carneiro da Silva (Ernesto Soares, History, 1076). Plate 76 (p. 390) presents a curious subscription: Silva del.-H. Queverdo Aqua Forti et terminé par J. J. Droüet 1792 (engravers not referred to by E. Soares). The Prince Regent, future king D. João VI of Portugal, is represented on engravings 21, 29, 53 and 59 (E. Soares and Ferreira Lima, Dictionary of Iconography, 1549 B). Allusive vignettes at the beginning of books I and VI. Copy with large stain on the second flyleaf (blank) that passed to the back (blank) of the portrait, slightly transparing to the engraved surface. Ownership manuscript of the time, on the cover page: A. Ribeiro. On the other, a clean specimen, preserving all the engravings well placed and folded. Full sheepskin 19th century binding with mottled patine, with minor damage to the head of the spine. Inocêncio, V, 386. Ameal, 108. Ferrão Castelo Branco, 35.

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gavel€ 5,000Sold