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Dear Friends,
We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our auction 184: speciaauction to be held in two sessions covering an extended set of art pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity.

A “Nativity with the shepherds adoring the Child Jesus”, an 18th C. Portuguese terracotta sculpture illustrates the cover (lot 513).

Another sculpture to be highlighted is the “Annunciation” – an octagonal 18th C. (second half) Indo-Portuguese carved ivory plaque, in perfect condition (lot 603).

Together with a small Namban box (lot 523) those crossculture pieces illustrate in a particularly eloquent way the originality, aesthetics and cultural richness of the art pieces which were commissioned since the time of the Portuguese Discoveries from Africa to the Far East – a crossover between Portuguese art and culture and the art and culture, beliefs, traditions, styles and craftsmanship of India, Ceylon, China or Japan, to name just a few countries with which we closely related to since the 16th century.

As to Portuguese painting, a special reference is due to the work of Diogo Pereira (lot 44), to several 18th C. works – as the set of three 18th. C. paintings illustrating the “Parable of the Prodigal Son” (lots 469 and 470) and, already from the 19th and 20th C., to the paintings by João Vaz, Carlos Reis, Silva Porto, Sousa Pinto, Artur Loureiro, among others.

As to foreign painting, special reference is due to two 17th / 18th C. oils on canvas representing “Birds” (lots 707 and 708)

Particular reference is also due to the relevant set of Portuguese and Foreignfurniture (as the 17th C. Portuguese carved cupboard, lot 101); silver and jewellery (as the Russian silver candelabra with the coat of arms of the Marquesses of Marialva, lot 311, and the English silver basket, lot 343, both 18th C); Chinese and European porcelain; table and long case clocks;ancient books; and many Haute Decoration items.

Hoping to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon, we wish you Merry Christmas,

Pedro Maria de Alvim                                                               Miguel Cabral de Moncada