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MANUSCRITO DE ARTE EQUESTRE (Equestrian Art Manuscript)
MANUSCRITO DE ARTE EQUESTRE.- NEWCASTLE, William Cavendish, Duke of.- Interpetração [sic] Do segundo Livro do novo methodo facil de ensinar os Cavallos Composto pelo Principe Guilherme, Marquez, e Conde de Neucastle. Com hum appendice de addições, e reflecçoens que o mesmo Author addicionou a sua obra, em que se ensina a trabalhar os Cavallos, segundo a ordem da natureza, e aprefeiçoar a natureza com a Subtileza da Arte, 1740. [na reserva do pé do rosto] Do Senhor Pedro Lopes de Azevedo Pinheyro Pereyra e Sá, Vigéssimo terceyro Senhor de Azevedo.- Século XVIII (1740).- 94 f.; 25 cm.- E. Eighteenth-century manuscript, decorated, ruled and calligraphed. According to the inscription of the foot of the cover page, it will have been elaborated for Pedro Lopes de Azevedo Pinheiro Pereira e Sá, 23rd Lord of the House of Azevedo, Solar dos Pinheiros (in Barcelos) and Morgado de Pouve, son of Leonardo Lopes de Azevedo and Margarida Isabel de Sousa; died without descent in 1776 and his brother the EP. Francisco Lopes de Azevedo inherited the bond, who, for his death (1781), passed on to his other brother Fradique. William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle (1592-1676), poet, politician and military, native of Yorkshire (RU), also became a master of riding and author of important Treatises of equestrian art. Title framed in watecolour architectural cartouche en "Grisaille", with vegetalist Ornatos and a bird (Eagle?) on top. The 93 pages of text, with double red miter and 23 ruled lines, are adorned with 30 large initials with vegetalist motifs (± 50 mm) and 29 of smaller format (± 18 mm). Some moisture stains slightly affecting the final 12 leaves. Slightly trimmed Volume, with a fold of about 15 mm on the lower edge of the face (safeguarding the aforementioned inscription). Otherwise, document generally clean and well maintained. Entire calf binding of the time, a little tired and with some damage to the spine. Remote provenance: Castello Melhor Catalogue (1878), Lot No. 350; Figanière Catalogue (1889), Lot No. 1784. Ex-Libris of João de Portugal Trigueiros de Aragão.

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