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SOARES, Frei João, O.S.A.- LIbro dela | verdad d’ | la fe. | Sin el qual no due [sic] | estar ningu[m] xpiano. | Cõ priuilegio real. | Xpiano. Herege. Gentio. Judio. Moro.- Lisboa: Luis Rodriguez, 1543.- [4], cxxxij f.; 25 cm.- E. Work dedicated to King D. João III of Portugal, by a shoed hermit of the Order of Saint Augustine (1507-1572), born in São Miguel de Urró (Penafiel), who became bishop of Coimbra (1545-1572). In his text, Fr. João Soares intends to justify, through the interpretation of the Scriptures, the anti-Jewish Iberian discourse prevalent at the time and, at the same time, legitimize the inquisitorial persecutions against the enemies of the faith. The complex title page (in black and red), made up of four xilographies (an initial L and two decorative stripes), is very significant of the author's purposes: the lower engraving represents a Christian friar and the four types of infidels: heretics , Gentiles, Jews and Moors. Edition entirely composed in Gothic characters, presenting all the pages of text, in two columns, framed in xilographies frames, consisting of small loose stripes. Slightly handled copy, but clean. Two scratched ownerships (old) between the lines of the title; inscription with place and date in the lower margin. At the end of the text (back of page R4), an extensive colophon, giving the print as finished on the 20th day of the month of January 1543. On the back of the last page, the great mark of printer Luís Rodrigues. Recent binding, entirely parchment, with elaborate gold tooling on the covers and spine and the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Portugal gold engraved at the centre of both covers. Anselmo, 1037. Palau, 315315. Biblioteca Nacional (16th century), 858. Not mentioned in Biblioteca de D. Manuel II.