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Single session | July 4, 2022  | 85 Lots


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Chess Pieces - Maximilian I of the Holy Roman Empire (1459-1519) and his mother, Leonor of Portugal (1434-1467) two ivory sculptures European 18th/19th C. Maximiliano I with small restoration and minor faults, Leonor missing part of the crown Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - (Maximiliano I) 19,5 cm; (Dona Leonor) 17 cm Notes: Maximilian I (22 March 1459 – 12 January 1519) was King of the Romans from 1486 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1508 until his death. He was never crowned by the pope, as the journey to Rome was blocked by the Venetians.[2] He proclaimed himself Elected Emperor in 1508 (Pope Julius II later recognized this) at Trent,[3][4][5] thus breaking the long tradition of requiring a Papal coronation for the adoption of the Imperial title. Maximilian was the son of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, and Eleanor of Portugal. - consultado a 09.06.222 às 12:42h.