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Single session | July 4, 2022  | 85 Lots


euro_symbol€ 5,000 - 7,500 Base - Estimate

gavel€ 5,000Sold

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Chess pieces "John Company" carved ivory "Hindus and Sikhs" base of one of the sets dyed, both sets with Kings and Queens as «Howdah», Bishops as "Militarys riding camels", one set with Knights as a tigger and as a buffalo, other set with knights riding horses, one set with rooks as rhinoceros, other set with rooks as "Militarys on the top of a tower" Indian 19th C. a horse with a broken and glued leg, chip, minor faults Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - (rei) 12 cm Notes: vd. "O Xadrez e o Cérebro - Arte e Ciência". Parma: Franco Maria Ricci - Fundação Champalimaud, 2021, pp. 100.