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Single session | July 4, 2022  | 85 Lots


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Pachisi pieces with the three dice silver pieces en relief set with glasses, garnets, emerald and peridot ivory dices Indian 19th C. minor defects unmarked pieces, pursuant to Decreto-Lei nº 120/2017, of 15 September - art. 2, no. 2, subparagraph c) Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - (dados) 8 x 1,5 x 1,5 cm Notes: Known as the national game of India, Pachisi derives its name from the Hindu word paccīs, which means twenty-five, the highest possible score in the game. Although the date of its creation is uncertain, it is believed to have been played for over a millennium, having been primarily the entertainment of emperors. It is at the origin of the western versions Ludo (United Kingdom) and Parcheesi (United States of America). The Pachisi board is cruciform and traditionally made of fabric; the pieces can be of various materials, namely ivory. Small cowries were often used as dice. It is valued as a game that stimulates the ability to reason, discern and consider.