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Single session | July 4, 2022  | 85 Lots


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Chess pieces carved ivory "King George lll of England vs the Chinese Emperor with respective armies" one of the sets dyed red Chinese 19th C. white horses with broken and glued feet and missing part of a spear, red horse with broken and glued feet, other minor faults and defects Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - (rei) 12,5 cm Notes: A similar set belonged to the Karl Graf von Almeida Collection - Carlos Augusto de Almeida (1846-1902), Brazilian subject, son of the 1st Viscount of Almeida and of the Countess of Bayrstorff, being the grandson of prince Charles Theodore of Baviera (1795-1875), on his mother's side; vd. catalogue of the exhibition "Jogos Cruzados - viagens entre Oriente e Ocidente". Lisboa: Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, 2022, p. 60, fig. 2.