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Single session | June 6, 2022  | 303 Lots


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A chest William IV (1830-1837) green leather lined wood decoration with gilt irons "Plant motifs", lateral cartouches and top of the cover with initials WR (William Rex) surmounted by royal crown - William IV (1830-1837) English missing handles and lock escucheon, restoration, leather defects, signs of use label glued to the bottom with printed inscription NORTHOVER & GILBERT - EAST STREET BRIDPORT - Nº 59, manuscript inscription Winford Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - 32 x 69 x 44 cm Notes: Wynford name tag hypothesized to belong to Lord Wynford, William Draper Best (1767-1845), jurist, who served King George IV as a member of his Privy Council (PC) - a council of the monarch's private advisers - and Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, positions he held from 1824 to 1828.
In 1829, he received the title of Baron of Wynford and, in the reign of William IV, he became the «speaker» of the House of the Lords - a position to which this chest must have been connected, as it is clearly intended to collect and save documents.