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Session 1 | March 9, 2020  | 257 Lots


euro_symbol€ 300 - 450 Base - Estimate

gavel€ 2,100Sold

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A Portuguese Civil Dignitary Uniform - 1889-1908 wool, gilt thread and yellow metal insignia gold embroidered blue cloth uniform "vegetalist motifs", gilt buttons with Portuguese royal coat of arms, vest with buttons crowned with the monogram of King Dom Carlos I of Portugal, blue cloth trousers decorated with gilt trimming of the "emperor" pattern, hat made of silk plush trimmed with white ermine, gold-plated velvet loop with the Dom Carlos I royal cipher silver embroidered over national blue and white silk lace Portuguese 19th/20th C. signs of use and worn buttons with English marks Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - (Casaca) 96 x 45 cm Notes: Uniforms of this type were worn by senior civilian dignitaries serving the Royal House as well as higher-ranking diplomats and possibly Peers of the Realm while serving in the Chamber of Most Worthy Peers