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Dear Friends,

It's with great pleasure that we present to you the catalog of our
first 2012 auction: Auction 135, dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art.

Centered in painting, drawing and sculpture, and including

pieces of furniture and design, plus several pieces of
it is perhaps the most significant provision of works of
art of this nature which we presented until today to the national

and international market.

Opening with a "Tiger" by Júlio Pomar on the cover (lot 154) the auction includes
several reference works by Portuguese authors, as is the case of
Fernando Lanhas - to our knowledge, this is the first
oil by him at auction in Portugal (lot 106 b) - but also
Paula Rego (lots 100 and 156), Vieira da Silva (lots 82 and 111),
António Areal (lots 91 and 102) or Carlos Botelho (lot 1110),
to highlight a few.

Eduardo Luís, João Vieira, Joaquim Rodrigo, Julião Sarmento,
Júlio Resende, Mario Cesariny, Menez, Nikias Skapinakis, Cabrita
Reis, Pedro Calapez among the Portuguese, Emiliano di Cavalcanti
(back cover, lot 96), Arpad Szenes, André Lanskoy, Wifredo Lam,
Penk - 
not to mention a drawing by Matisse – among the foreigners,

are some of the names of renowned authors presented here - the
complete listing can be found in the final pages of this catalog.
To all
who give us the pleasure of usually visiting our 
exhibitions or our website and participate in our auctions, but
also to those who for one reason or another, have not done so yet,
or intend to do it for the first time, here is our invitation to
know more and strengthen ties with modern and contemporary art: appear!

This is clearly a good opportunity for the growing number of
interested, beginners and all who want to become, or already are,
true collectors of modern and contemporary art.
An opportunity also to support the Alzheimer Portugal,
institution to whom the product from the sale of 30 works offered 

for that purpose by various artists will revert entirely   (lots 200-229):
a worthwhile initiative that Cabral Moncada Leilões is very happy to join.

A note also to thank the many compliments that the
recent full redesign of our website merited by

many of those who attend it: you may believe that they are an

important encouragement for the work done by this team.
And a request that is also a good way to repay this good reception:
for our part, we are and will always be welcoming all
information, cautions, suggestions - but also constructive criticism
- by those who attend our auctions and those who read our
catalogs: we believe that on this depends largely the
development and continuous improvement of quality that we desire.

Yours sincerely,

Pedro Maria de Alvim    Miguel Cabral de Moncada