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Buyer's Premium

Buyer’s premium, applied by echelons and per item:

up to and including € 30020% (24,60% VAT included)
in excess of € 300 up to and including € 1.00018% (22,14% VAT included)
in excess of € 1.000 up to and including € 3.00016% (19,68% VAT included)
in excess of € 3.000 up to and including € 20.00014% (17,22% VAT included)
on the portion of the hammer in excess of € 20.00012% (14,76% VAT included)


You only have to fill one of the fields to calculate the other two.
Example: if you fill the Total Amount (VAT included) field, you will get the Hammer Price (your bid limit).
You can also enter the Hammer Price and get the value with or without VAT.

Hammer PricePremium RateTotal Amount
(excluding VAT)
VATTotal Amount
(VAT included)