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Session 1 | June 29, 2020  | 329 Lots


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Portrait of D. Afonso Furtado de Mendonça - c. 1561-1630 - Rector of the University of Coimbra (1597), Bishop of Guarda, Bishop of Coimbra - Count of Arganil, Archbishop of Braga and Archbishop of Lisbon oil on canvas with inscription P[AR]A O ILL[USTRÍSSI]MO S[ENH]OR D. AFFONSO FURTADO DE MENDO[N]SA ARCEB[ISP]O DE L[ISBO]A A 1597 Portuguese school 18th C. (1st quarter) minor faults on canvas, minor faults on the pictorial layer Dimensões (altura x comprimento x largura) - 120 x 161 cm Notes: D. Afonso Furtado de Mendonça was the son of Jorge Furtado Mendonça, Commander of Entradas, and Dona Mécia Henriques.